The latest re Winsor and the PAT

07 Nov

The latest re Winsor and the Police Arbitration Tribunal

On Tuesday 8th November 2011, the PAT sit to deliberate on Winsor1. We will keep you updated tat and will let people know via our Facebook and Twitter accounts of when the updates come out.

A Police Review poll in October showed 93% of cops across the country do not trust Winsor1 findings.

Many of you will be aware that there are serious questions about the veracity of the ‘evidence’ in Winsor1.

Tom Winsor sent a letter to the chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee in which he said made it clear that reports must be based on reliable facts, so that people can make informed decisions on the evidence for proposals and their fairness.

We ask all our members and their families, friends to read the following link

Whilst this casts serious doubts on the credibility of the 1st Winsor report, the fact remains that part2 of his report is also being put
together. For details of the response of the Police Federation see and the Superintendent’s Association
response is at

You and your families and friends can make a difference. In the light of the serious concerns about Winsor1 PLEASE EXERCISE YOUR DEMORACTIC RIGHT email / write to your MP seeking a face to face explanation from them (a) have they read the Winsor report (b) do they agree with its findings (c) in the light of the imaginary friends the report claims as fact what action do they intend to take?

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