Fiction or reality

10 Jan

It is quite sad that given the public fascination for tv programmes about policing be they reality shows like the new Channel4 programme or fictional versions such as Hearbteat, Pc Pe rose, The Bill, The Sweeney, Life on Mars etc (or their US counterparts) they will after the front loaded cuts be more likely to see a cop on else shows than in reality.

Nor Yorks is reducing cop levels to 1970s levels. That is a choice made by the senior leaders of the force and the Police Authority as a result of the choices made by government.

It is to be hoped that those who make these choices have thoroughly assessed all the potential outcomes and do not intend to merely allow Police & Crime Commissioners to take responsible for the choices which have been made and are being made since the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review.

Budget cuts and paperwork don’t seem to apply in tv shows. But they do in reality.

We need urgent meaningful consultation with the public about the choices being made. I applaud Sou Uorks Police Authority for holding a meeting at 6.30pm – may allow for more public engagement.

We are in 21st century not the 1950s or 1960s. Please take off the rose coloured glasses tv cop fiction portrays and engage in warts and all debate about the future of policing.

Cop levels look destined to return to 1970s levels at present – but with real engagement about the choices those in power have and the consequences that can be changed.

Of not will we see new shows like:
Hill Street Blue
The Sween
Z 100k miles+ car
Midsummer crime wave

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