Police and Crime Commissioners7

30 Mar

The issues and questions raised in the previous 6 blogs on this topic remain valid.

But so also does a further issue. The politicisation of the police.

Quite rightly North Yorkshire Police Federation has consistently made clear that whilst we will engage with candidates of all political hues we will not endorse any.

As events have shown in the Leveson enquiry politics and policing are becoming intertwined – rightly or wrongly.

Therefore as policing becomes more politicised and the distinction between operational and governance matters becomes blurred one is bound to ask:

in future PCC elections will police staff associations and unions sponsor candidates?

    You may believe that is a step too far, or adapting to changing circumstances. But let’s be clear over the years the Police Federation had links (now stopped) with parliamentary advisors in House of Commons, whilst UNISON have actually sponsored MPs.

    So why in the future could this not be extended to the local arena of PCCs? If we are all in this together would it enable a wider range of candidates not reliant on the backing of a political party OR would it be a step too far in the politicisation of policing?

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