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18 Apr

In a recent blog I showed how Winsor can be directly traced to 2006 and the Prime Minister (then in opposition) I asked for honesty about police reform.

But isn’t that what you would expect the federation to say?

Maybe, so here’s what some non federation people have to say about the Cameron report (sorry thick police officer) also known as Winsor2.

Kenny MacAskill – Scottish Justice Secretary

The only good bit of the Winsor Report,is on page 606, where he acknowledges that the affairs of Scotland are outside of his terms of reference.

Rod Liddle – Sunday Times

The entire tenor of Winsor’s investigations & his recommendations has the distinct whiff of snobbery about it – the police are uneducated fat chats who get paid far too much he seems to have concluded. And would be improved by having nice middle class people with degrees fast tracked to whip them into line. Thin middle class people of course.

David Green – Director of Civitas

The Winsor report….shows no awareness that,if we want individuals to feel that to be a police officer is to have a vocation and not just a job, then it is right to provide a lifelong career with a pension.

Daily Mail

Asked if police officers have poor standards of literacy Mrs May replied:”That is not what I have found. I have found officers committed and dedicated to getting on with their job.”

Mark Reckless – Conservative MP & member Home Affairs Select Committee

Winsor has written 80 pages bout health and fitness in a report hitch runs to 630 pages, with 150 pages of appendices, officers who do not read all of it can at least use the two weighty volumes (retailing at £91.00 and not to be sold separately) to help with their work-outs.

And the last word goes again to Kenny MacAskill Scottish Justice Secretary

I do not believe that Winsor2 is the right package – or, indeed, the right approach – to get the results we need

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