Police special – BBC Question Time

02 May

Police officers & police staff across England and Wales have strong views about the governments reform agenda for policing.

That is why a large number if off duty police officers will be marching in London on May 10th.

That is why there needs to be a BBC Question Time special on policing.

The nature & pace of reforms / cuts in policing are having an adverse impact on morale.


A number of people have commented on this:
Lord Stevens has raised concerns over morale

The chief constable of Humberside who holds a senior position in ACPO, Tim Hollis has also raised concerns.

The governments favourite US super-cop Bill Bratton said UK police morale is awful

And as this research from US shows if we ignore police morale then cops ay be less effective, not in anyones’s interest.

Thats why there needs to be a wider understanding of all the issues affecting policing.

Recently there has been a campaign by a number of people on Twitter to have former North Yorkshire officer, now accomplished author Mike Pannett appear on BBC Question Time on 10th May 2012.

This is the day 117 off duty police officers from North Yorkshire will be joining their colleagues in a march in London.

Cops don’t want to be protesting. They want to be doing what British cops do best being part of a society and making a difference for the public which they represent and which they police by consent.

Some of the reasons for them protesting are covered in this You Tube clip

To ensure public are informed of the issues and all views are given a considered airing surely it is incumbent on the BBC as a national,public broadcaster to have a special edition of Question Time looking at policing!

And once that’s agreed here is our suggestion for a panel of 6 people plus the chair:

Paul McKeever – Police Federation of England & Wales
Nick Herbert – Police Minister
David Hanson – Shadow Police Minister
Irene Curtis – Superintendent’s Association
Jon Gaunt – journalist
Blair Gibbs – Policy Exchange

Come on BBC do the right thing and commit to a Question Time special on policing.

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