Where we stand on PCCs?

17 Jun

For some time now we have tried to increase awareness of the PCC elections & the concerns we & others have in relation to the merits of & lacunae in what is proposed.

For the avoidance of any doubt our position remains:

1. We do not endorse any candidate of any political hue,
2. We will engage with all candidates of all political hues to listen to their ideas & ensure that they are aware of the issues that concern our members
3. We will ensure we make our members aware of things in a balanced way so they can make their own minds up who to vote for,
4. We may offer all PCC candidates an invitation to meet our members at the JBB Open Meeting on 20th September 2012,
4. With a low turn out predicted in PCC elections the votes of our members their families & friends could be significant. We will therefore encourage them to exercise their democratic right to vote for the candidate of their choice,
5. After the PCC elections we look to having a good working relationship & regular interaction with the successful PCC candidate & whoever they appoint as deputy,
6. We will work with whoever is elected in line with our statutory remit

This has been our consistent stance and we hope it clarifies our position once & for all.


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