Trolls and other techno attacks – what should police do / not do?

28 Jul



There has recently been a debate about what police officers & police staff can / should say in the social media and over where the role of the police starts and finishes in light of the draconian 20% budget cuts.

We recently had a solicitor cover it in the summer edition of our magazine Federation Express

We have then seen some blogging from Irene Curtis from Ros Baston from Catemoore

In a wider context The Guardian also contributes to the debate.

As does this the Robin Hood airport case

And the Independent the Mail and the Telegraph

So where does this leave cops & police staff who now operate in a world where more for less is the mantra?

Will the power and influence of social media increase?

We know cuts may impact on Police Treatment Centres we know they are seeing an increase in stress cases and we know that assaults on officers are rising

But is exactly what support do / can / should police forces give to officers & staff who are targeted on www or via social media for doing their job?

Will they need more as cop numbers continue to be cut

Why is all the focus in what you can’t do with nothing on what support you may expect if maliciously targeted?

Is it beyond belief that a cop or member of police staff could be targeted like this?
With NPIA now redundant will the College of Policing pick up the mantle?

There is a compelling need for clarity


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