Police service is owed full explanation & apology

20 Aug


This tweet from Blair Gibbs merits a full explanation and apology.

He is close to the Police Minister, Nick Herbert. Does the police minister share his view as expressed in the tweet? He has not made any public statement. Why?

Policy Exchange are reputedly the favourite think tank of the Prime Minister, David Cameron. Does he share the views expressed by Blair Gibbs in this tweet?

Do the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners believe the views expressed are acceptable? Until there is full explanation and apology will they along with the Association of Police Authorities insist that the police service does not interact with Policy Exchange?

The Police Federation of England & Wales have made it clear they believe that the Ill-judged tweet calls into question the influence of think tanks on government policy.


Have the Prime Minister and the Police Minister developed Laryngitis?

Without a full explanation and apology how can the public and the police service have any confidence in reform or the mass police privatisation agenda?


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