Will think tanks be included in any lobbying register?

04 Jun

We have seen a lot in the media over recent days about the need for register of lobbyists.

Something I have advocated for a long time..

But will think tanks be included?

They should be, and as far as I’m aware the police service still awaits its long overdue apology from one think tank.

Is this taking it too far?

As we are being provided with endless stories in the media which paint negative picture of the civil service will think tanks fill the void? Will this be a glass half full or a glass half empty synopsis?

Think tanks don’t need to close but they do need to be open about their links to the media, to politicians and for policing purposes to those who will gain from the rise of Profitshire Constabulary

And their is need for openness about the funding of think tanks as many have charitable status – yet given this can we expect more rigour to be applied re charitable status?

It doesn’t matter what political hue the think tank has they need to be transparent

And given the regularity which think tanks pontificate on policing don’t we deserve that in the interests of democracy there is open full disclosure re the links of politicians and the media to think tanks and proper readily accessible information about their source of funding?


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2 responses to “Will think tanks be included in any lobbying register?

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