Think tank influence – should we be concerned?

Another week, another headline from a think tank.

I have raised concerns before about the influence of think tanks given secrecy / lack of transparencyof some about their sources of funding

What are your views on the article re the influence of the Policy Exchange chairman?

Does this or thisconcern you?

What are your views on the blog re Tax Payers Alliance ?

Does this evoke memories of Mark Twain –

it’s not the figures lying it’s the liars figuring

Is this fact or fiction?

Do these articles point to the validity of this?








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Are Police & Crime Panels a waste of time

According to this piece in Police Oracle. they are,

But before castigating or defending them how many people can answer:

1. I know who sits on my Police & Crime Panel?
2. I know how to contact my Police & Crime Panel?
3. I fully understand the role & limitations of the Police & Crime Panel?

As we approach the anniversary of the inaugural PCC elections can we gauge the success or failure of PCCs nationwide without specific recourse to the questions above?

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Calling all leaders – will you answer the questions and take this challenge

(1) Where is the bigger picture that eludes so many of us – can you post a photo of it please on your Facebook page?

(2) If we are to be encourage to think outside the box will the box be redeployed or is it now redundant?

(3) When you square the circle will you please take a picture and post it in your Facebook page?

(4) Is this too close to the truth?

(5) Can you help eradicate these and ensure plain English becomes the norm?


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Another reason to attend the Open Meeting on 19th September 2013


See your local rep for a ticket


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Will think tanks be included in any lobbying register?

We have seen a lot in the media over recent days about the need for register of lobbyists.

Something I have advocated for a long time..

But will think tanks be included?

They should be, and as far as I’m aware the police service still awaits its long overdue apology from one think tank.

Is this taking it too far?

As we are being provided with endless stories in the media which paint negative picture of the civil service will think tanks fill the void? Will this be a glass half full or a glass half empty synopsis?

Think tanks don’t need to close but they do need to be open about their links to the media, to politicians and for policing purposes to those who will gain from the rise of Profitshire Constabulary

And their is need for openness about the funding of think tanks as many have charitable status – yet given this can we expect more rigour to be applied re charitable status?

It doesn’t matter what political hue the think tank has they need to be transparent

And given the regularity which think tanks pontificate on policing don’t we deserve that in the interests of democracy there is open full disclosure re the links of politicians and the media to think tanks and proper readily accessible information about their source of funding?


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According to the Daily Mail

Officers will be forced to name any friends who work in the media… or face the sack

The guidance from the College of Policing is something we would commend all our members to read.

But we would expect the same level of scrutiny transparency to apply to the media AND -think tanks-AND politicians AND –lobbyists


And lets remind ourselves of the comments in Jan Berry’s report


The police service is accountable and records need to be kept. Some bureaucracy, enough to run an efficient

and effective police service is necessary, but extra layers of bureaucracy have been created to

meet the demands of scrutiny and quality assurance, in times when budgets are being cut, the

question needs to be asked, what is affordable?

Seen in this context, is this an imposition too far?





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Unanswered questions re PCCs after over a 100 days

(1) what the pension arrangements are for PCCs & their deputies?

(2) how much has been saved by each PCC on the support costs formerly provided to police authorities ?

(3) if mid term a PCC is selected as a parliamentary candidate does the party who selects them compensate the force area in which they are PCC for the cost of a new PCC election?


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